The Victims of Crime Commissioner is an independent statutory officer, appointed under the Victims of Crime Commissioner Act 2015 (External link). This means we are independent from government and other agencies of the justice system. The role of the Commissioner and the Commissioner’s Office is to:

  • advocate for the recognition, inclusion, participation and respect of victims of crime by government departments, bodies responsible for conducting public prosecutions and Victoria Police
  • carry out inquiries into issues affecting large numbers, or particular groups, of victims of crime in Victoria, and report to relevant ministers on those issues
  • provide advice to ministers, government departments and relevant organisations about improvements to the justice system to better meet the needs of victims of crime
  • consider complaints from victims about investigatory, prosecuting and victims’ services organisations about their compliance with the principles in the Victims’ Charter Act 2006 (External link).

Find out more about the Victims' Charter principles.

What we can't help with

We can't:

  • provide direct support to victims of crime (we can, however, provide information and refer you to a victims' support service) 
  • provide legal advice
  • release any information that might lead to the identification of a victim
  • change an outcome of a case that has been through the courts, or influence the way that a case will be run
  • act in a way that would influence:

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