Hi, my name is Fiona McCormack and I’m Victoria’s Victims of Crime Commissioner.

Here is some information about what my office does…

If you’ve had an experience with the police or prosecutions or victims’ services that was disrespectful or unhelpful, you can contact my office to let me know about it. 

My job is to gather information about ways in which the justice system, and responses to victims of crime, can be improved. 

I can review complaints about the way victims have been treated by Victoria Police or prosecutions or victims’ services. You can use this tool to find out if your complaint is ready for us to review.

I can also take a deep-dive into aspects of the system that negatively affects a lot of victims of crime and give advice to government and justice services on how things can be improved.

It’s important to know that there are some things I cannot help with. For example, I don’t have the power to change or influence a decision by prosecutions or a court outcome. My team can’t provide you with legal advice.

Here is some background info on me….

I took up the role of Victoria’s Victims of Crime Commissioner in July 2019.

I have a long history of advocating for victims, including having led the peak body for family violence services in Victoria for 14 years. During that time, I was responsible for giving advice to government and other agencies on how services and systems could be improved for family violence victims. I worked to give a voice to victims and survivors, in the media and the community, to help others understand victims’ experiences.

I have a background in community development, education, leadership and change which I want to utilise to ensure government, services and the justice system understands, and better responds to, the needs of victims. 

As Victims of Crime Commissioner, first and foremost, I want to listen to victims’ experiences and learn from them.

I am particularly passionate about improving responses to those who experience additional barriers when interacting with the justice system.

I’m really honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of being a voice for victims of crime and I want to use this opportunity to do everything I can to see a justice response in Victoria that is ever respectful and victim-centred.