Victims of Crime Commissioner

The Victims of Crime Commissioner promotes the recognition, inclusion and participation of victims of crime in the justice system. The Commissioner influences government decision-making to address the concerns of victims of crime.

Systemic inquiry on victim participation in the justice system

The Victims of Crime Commissioner has launched her first systemic inquiry and is putting victims of crime at the centre of this inquiry.


The inquiry is an opportunity for victims of crime to have a say on their experiences with support services and justice agencies, and what new laws, policies or programs might be needed to help victims participate, as defined by their entitlements under the Victims' Charter


Find out how to participate in the systemic inquiry or complete the:

Victims of crime survey in English 

Victims of crime survey for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (External link)

Victims of crime survey in Arabic | Dari | Simplified Chinese | Vietnamese | Easy English (External link)


Victims of Crime enquiries line

If you’ve become a victim of crime and feel you have been mistreated by the police or a prosecutions or victims’ service, you can contact the Victims of Crime Commissioner’s Office.


Call us on 1800 010 017 or email us at (External link)