Surveys about sensitive issues like being a victim of crime have a ‘leave this website’ button at the top of the web page so you can leave fast if you must.

But someone can still search your browser history to see if you were on that site. Here’s five ways to minimise the chance of anyone finding out you did the survey.

  1. Use a device that can’t be accessed or hacked by the person you’re worried about, like a computer belonging to a friend, to your work, or to a public building like a library.
  2. Sign out of your accounts like Facebook, Instagram and email accounts before you visit our site.
  3. Delete your browser history, if it’s safe to do so.
  4. Browse in private mode or turn off your browser history.
  5. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for more security.

Learn more about using your device safely at the eSafety Commissioner website (External link).