Review submissions

May 2023 - Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission: Recklessness (External link)

May 2023 - Submission to Scoping the development of specialised and trauma-informed legal services for victims and survivors of sexual assault (External link)

February 2022 - Submission to the Victorian Government's Consultation Paper: Systemic Review of Police Oversight (External link)

September 2021 - Submission to the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee's Inquiry into Victoria's Justice System (External link)

September 2021 - Submission on the Victorian Government’s Discussion paper: Decriminalising Sex Work (External link)

August 2021 - Submission to Improving victims’ experience of summary criminal proceedings: Issues Paper (External link)

August 2021 - Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s Consultation Paper: Stalking (External link)

May 2021 - Submission to the Review of Model Defamation Provisions - Stage 2 (NSW) (External link)

April 2021 - Supplementary Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission - Sexual Offences - 'Grab and Drag' Issues Paper (External link)

January 2021 - Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission: Improving the Response of the Justice System to Sexual Offences - Updated May 2022 (External link)

October 2019 - Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission - Victoria’s committal procedure (External link)

September 2019 - Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission - Contempt of Court (External link)

Policy positions

March 2023 - Use of character references during sentencing

January 2023 - Bail reform

May 2022 - Restorative justice

March 2022 - Raising the age of criminal responsibility

March 2021 - Spent Convictions Bill 2020

Agency discussion papers

26 March 2021 - Reporting on Compliance with the Victims' Charter (External link)