When can we review a Victims’ Charter complaint?

Generally, we can review a Victims’ Charter complaint if:

  • you are a victim of crime (including a family member of a person who has died, or is under 18 years of age or incapable of managing their own affairs due to mental impairment), or a victim’s nominated representative
  • your complaint concerns an organisation we can look into
  • your complaint is about a failure to follow the Victims’ Charter principles
  • you have complained to the organisation on or after 4 November 2019.

We usually only look at complaints about problems that have occurred within a year of the victim asking us to review the complaint.

What can we do about a complaint?

If we review a Victims’ Charter complaint, we may recommend that an organisation take the following actions:

  • make an apology, offer an explanation or engage in a facilitated meeting with the victim
  • engage staff in further training
  • change an organisational policy
  • provide information to the victim.

What can’t we do?

While we can make recommendations, we can’t direct or bind anyone to implement our recommendations.

We also can’t recommend that an organisation:

  • fire or ‘strike off’ someone
  • pay compensation
  • cancel or change a decision it is entitled to make as part of its responsibilities, or replace its decision with our own.

What if we can't review a complaint?

If your matter does not meet the statutory requirements for us to review it as a Victims’ Charter complaint, we might still be able to help. Sometimes we can:

  • bring the issue to the attention of the relevant organisation
  • deal with the issue through the Commissioner’s other functions, such as by carrying out an inquiry on an issue affecting victims of crime
  • refer you to another body.