The Victims of Crime Commissioner Act 2015 creates the role of the Victims of Crime Commissioner (VoCC). Independent of the government, the VoCC’s main function is to advocate for victims of crime and inquire into issues victims may face in the criminal justice system, or with government agencies.

See Victims of Crime Commissioner for more information.


The Victims of Crime Consultative Committee

The Victims of Crime Commissioner Act also formally establishes the Victims of Crime Consultative Committee (the Committee). The Committee includes a chairperson, the Victims of Crime Commissioner, judicial members (from the Supreme, County, Coroner’s and Magistrates’ courts, and the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal), a legal practitioner from the Office of Public Prosecutions, the Secretary of the Adult Parole Board, representatives of victims services and a representative from Victoria Police. Most importantly, the Committee includes seven victims representatives that represent the interests of all victims of crime.  

What does the Committee do?

The Committee:   

  • allows victims of crime, justice agencies and victims services to discuss improvements to policies, practices and services for victims of crime
  • provides advice to the Attorney-General about victims issues
  • promotes the interests of victims of crime in the justice system.

Download a PDF version of the Act from the Victorian Law Today Library (External link) (external link).