In my role as the Victorian Victims of Crime Commissioner, I have heard many instances where victims of crime have not received sufficient levels of courtesy, respect and consideration, to which they are entitled under our legislation and as a matter of common courtesy.

Too often, victims tell me that they were unaware of their rights and the way that the legal process operates.  In addition, they do not fully understand the different roles that the different organisations play.

In order to highlight both the impact of crime on victims and the criminal justice process, I decided to hold a public awareness day.

The Day is to raise awareness on two fronts.   First, for Victims of Crime, so they can understand and be informed about the Government provided services to which they are entitled and the likely path their matter will take through the legal and judicial systems.

Secondly, to raise awareness among members of the public to the plight of many victims of crime and how they might assist those victims, whether they are family, friends, neighbours, associates or work colleagues.

It will be held at the Melbourne Town Hall (enter via Swanston Street) in the ‘Supper Room’.

The Attorney General, The Hon Martin Pakula MP will open the day and will be followed by a range of presenters, each of whom will each speak for twenty minutes, with a five minute break between presentations.

Presenters will speak in the order in which victims of crime interact with them or the organisation they represent.   The presenters are:

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton AM APM

Ms Clare Morton, Director, Victims Support Agency

Her Honour Jo Melcalf (Supervising Magistrate of the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal).

Ms Vicky Prapas, Legal Practice Manager, Office of Public Prosecutions.

His Honour Peter Kidd, Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria and Her Honour Gabriele Cannon, Judge of the County Court of Victoria

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Cr The Hon Robert Doyle AC.

Greg Davies APM, Victims of Crime Commissioner.

Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, Psychologist and media commentator.

The Day will commence at 10 am and conclude at 2 pm.  Capacity of the venue is 250, and this is a non-ticketed event, so places may be at a premium.

By raising awareness we hope to improve the plight of innocent people who, usually through no fault of their own, become the victims of the criminal actions of others.   With the help of the public and government we hope to see the creation of a National Victims of Crime Awareness Day.

Queries may be directed to the Office of the Victims of Crime Commissioner on 1800 010 017 or

E-mail: (External link)


Thank you for your support and consideration of the plight of Victims of Crime in Victoria.