The VoCC may be able to help you if you are, or if you know, a victim of violent crime who has experienced an issue with:

  • the justice system
  • a government department
  • a prosecuting agency
  • Victoria Police
  • a state-funded agency that supports victims of crime.


The VoCC’s main role is to inquire into and report on ‘systemic’ victims of crime issues. This means we can look into issues that are likely to:

  • be ongoing, and
  • affect many victims of crime.


Before making a complaint, you should try to resolve your concerns directly with the service provider.  

If you, or someone you know, has experienced an issue with the justice system or one of the above agencies, and you believe the issue is likely to be ongoing and affect other victims, please complete the victims' issue form below, or write to us:

Victims of Crime Commissioner
GPO Box 4356
Melbourne 3000
DX 210077

Email: (External link)   

You can also contact the VoCC office on 1800 010 017.  

Victims of Crime Commissioner
Department of Justice and Regulation
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